Sunset View Farm Activities Bulletin Board
2024 Season Events Schedule

* Dahlia Tuber Sale [public]
     Open Right now! Shop Here Closes May 31st.
     2024 season shop is now open and sales are moving along!
     Be an EARLY Bird and score those hard to get Tubers!

* Dahlia Dirt Dunk! [public]
     Planting time for Dahlia Tubers. Come see how 6000+ tubers get started!
     Current Target Date: Join us any day/evening starting Monday May 20th,
     until completed
      (use "contact us" - above to let us know to Notify you!)

* Zinnia Madness [public]
     Saturday June 9th 10-2pm
     Use "contact us" - above to let us know you are coming!

* Roadside Flower Stands (2 Locations) (public)
     Hopefully in Mid-Late June we will have our first flowers
     Located on Pierce Road and Corner of Pierce & Lawrence - Andover NJ

* Flower Power Hour 60’s Dance Tickets [public]
     July 27th, 2024 6-8pm
     August 14h, 2024 12-2pm

     Tickets available here

* Dessert in the Dahlias Tickets [public]
     September 7th, 2024 1-3pm
     September 7th, 2024 6-8pm
     September 21st, 2024 1-3pm
     September 21st, 2024 6-8pm

     Tickets available here (We expect a sellout again)

* Pickles in da Barn [Community Gardeners]

* The Big STINK about Garlic [Community Gardeners]

* Pasta on the Porch [Community Gardeners]

* 10th annual Tuscan Dinner [public]
     Saturday August 24th, 2024 6:30-10:30pm
     Tickets available here

* The Big Dig [public]

Dates and times will be posted soon!